Jeffrey Howard Lerner 
Geoffrey Howard Lerner

Geoff or Jeff or Jeffrey Howard

Jeffrey Weiler

wanted in:
 Boston  Philadelphia
San Francisco
New York

convicted felon
scammer & fraud

Federal and State prison time

When Jeff shows up he will probably have a different name and story about his life and his past but some things won't change. He is a drifter.  He has no home, no friends and his family has rejected him.  He wants your money- will lie and steal to get it

Jeff Lerner's Fraud

> Approx. 6' 3" inches tall
> Approx. 185 pounds

> Born September 29, 1965 (other dates in September and March 1966 are used)
> Adopted as an infant
> Balding, military cut gray/black hair

> Tattoo on left shoulder blade (non-English words)
> Grew up in Rye Brook, NY
> High School education (no college)
> Blind Brook High School, Class of 1983

> Expired Hawaii drivers license 
> Federal & State imprisonment: New York, Florida, California, Alabama (and probably others)
> Outstanding warrant (wanted) in Philadelphia - November 2009
> Convicted and imprisoned for grand larceny
> Banned from Australia and Bahamas

> Avoids driving and auto travel
> Avoids air travel (uses public transportation, Amtrak)
> Frequent "business" trips
> Shaves arms and legs
> Minimal sense of humor
> Pathological liar
> Lives with few possessions, claims they are in storage
> Does not have or use Credit Cards
> Prints his own checks on false accounts with fake account numbers
> Changes cell phones (4 numbers in 2011- MA, DC)
> Interests: Chabad Movement, coffee, wind and solar energy, wine, St. Bernard dogs, Airsoft guns, loves Hawaii
> Drinks a lot of Coca Cola
> Appears to like but be afraid of dogs, has bought them
> Acts bipolar: sullen and angry then spurts of vacations, extravagant purchases
> Has carried a badge
> Will try to find a way to move in with a woman. Will probably promise to pay rent (but will not, often indicating near-term plan to disappear)

PRIOR CLAIMS (all false):
> Grew up in Greenwich, CT
> US Naval Academy graduate
> Retired Navy Seal / Commander
> Injured in Somalia (bullet to head)
> Health issues including Seizure Disorder, migraines 
> Pentagon or government employment, classified work
> Ph.D. in History

> Parents and grandparents from the UK
> All family deceased
> Beneficiary of a $6 million trust fund
> Championship surfer
> Pineapple plantation owner
> In witness protection program

CRIMES (recent
: not all are known & listed here)
>Drifts from city to city, identifies, targets, and deceives women, professes love, moves in with them because he has no place to live. Has been known to live with more than one woman at the same time, hides this by "going out of town" one or more days at a time claiming  absences are business or other necessary trips.  Objective is to get women's credit cards, cash, have them buy him goods and steal personal identification. He  takes their money or borrows and promises repayment. Leaves town when police get involved or he is caught.
> Asks person to pay for something and promises to repay when he receives some payment due him. He has no income sources other than theft and fraud (though he has claimed pensions, trust funds, sale of securities, etc.).  May also repay with phony checks (nonexistent accounts drawn on  real banks) or with a check that bounces. Excuses for delays and bounces are prolonged and often make little sense.

> Phony raffles, no prizes. 

Boston area late 2010 through early 2011
> Wrote over $10,000 in bad checks.
Prints his own checks wiith nonexistent bank account numbers. The check fractions did not always correspond to the MICR encoded routing and transit numbers
> Also wrote NSF checks (insufficient funds-bounces checks)
> False representation as a retired US Navy Commander & SEAL. Wore dress white uniform.
> Started nonprofit "Ready Recruits" in Boston in 2011 and received donations and funds thru military. Violated federal and state laws by never registering organization with state of federal government Represented himself as ex-military with regional recruitment centers to obtain trainees. Defrauded local sports clubs that provided services.
Other phony businesses in Hawaii and elsewhere
> Rented apartments in Boston area, did not pay rent (over $12,000)


In California (SF, possibly SoCal) in early 2010. Boston late 2010 and 2011 (fled December 2011).

2013 update- frauds perpetrated in Chicago area. In August 2013 arrested in California. See Guestbook. 

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